Ultrasonic level indicator for monitoring Fire Suppression System

No matter which protecting and emergency system you install in your business or residential area, it is important to take care of it. In case you don’t, it is a something bad to say but it would be of no good in case of emergency. It is better to possess a monitoring system especially for fire extinguishing installations because they may end up being hazardous. FM 200 Fire Suppression System is commonly available in factories, industries, medical institutions, Data centers, UPS rooms and other situation whereas fire is expected to cause harm. This system is basically a suitable agent which can help in burn out the fire. It is chemically known as HFC227ea whereas it is a waterless fire protection system discharges within 10 seconds in case the fire risk is there.

As it is considered to be a spontaneous and quick compound to meet the situation, it is considered to be reliable and convenient to possess in industrial sector importantly. Furthermore, as it is so commonly found as propellant in medical inhalers, people prefer it even much due to its effectiveness and safety percentage. Majorly, people believe that reduction of oxygen is majorly caused if FM 200 is released which is scientifically not true. It is basically a chemical or synthetic fire extinguishing gas which is compressed in liquid form and stored in cylinders. On its release, heat elements and free radicals are removed from the fire triangle to burn it out.

Though there are multiple benefits of FM 200 fire suppression system but obviously, a reasonable check is supposed to be maintained over the installation to avoid any disappointed when the extinguisher is basically required to be used. Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is recommended most importantly to everyone whosoever has the installation in its premises. The great benefit of this device is in regards to the amount which is required to burn out the fire is really minute which means calculated amount of fewer cylinders hence specific space is required for the installation. Due to its immediate effect, it inferences in being lower repair cost due to less damage. Furthermore, it is safe for the environment whereas causes no harm to the people around in case of mishap.

Receiver and Generator of Hatch Cover Testing Device

Generally, a hatch cover testing device is prepared out of two units which are known to be generator and receiver. Ultrasound with emission of particular frequency of 40,000 Hz, the generator manages to prove. With the integration of magnets, it can be attached to various surfaces easily within sealed areas. Receiver is capable of receiving the signals and conversion is made which results into the indication of W/T integrity. This advance and efficient system helps the entire areas under monitoring in functioning and enhance performance may be. Moreover, with the fire extinguisher monitoring range produced by Coltraco Ultrasonic Ltd, the results can be transferred to the computer where a permanent data can be stored. It further helps to compare the results and efficiency of these devices along with the installed system you have invested on for emergency situations. Portascanner™ Watertight is multiple cable transit areas testing device which is efficient to direct and convert the results to audio and display. This helps to alert the responsible person to give attention more promptly then other ways.

Receiver of Portascanner™ Watertight
It consists of extension rod connector, Gain 1,2,3, Volume Up and Down Buttons, LCD Visual Display, Mode, On and Off Buttons and Headphone Connection. Following is the way of operation of receiver:
•    It is tuned for detecting the particular frequency of ultrasound ways.
•    It possesses audio and visual outputs.
•    As sensor rod is attached to it, a user can scan the seal at close range entirely.
•    LCD screen shows the visual output of detected ultrasounds.
•    The visual data received can be converted to decibels (dB) reading which is perfect to be tested to certification society standards.
•    Bar graph representation is also available.
•    With standard jack of 3.5 mm, a headphone is attached to the receiver to receive audio signals.
•    Heterodyning is the process through which receiver converts the ultrasound waves into audio signals so that user can easily hear.

Generator of Portascanner™ Watertight
It consists of Power On and Off Buttons, Transducers, Low Battery Indication and Battery Compartment. The operation of generator of this cable transit watertight areas testing are mentioned below:
•    It is placed on one side of the sealed compartment and turned on.
•    Sensor rod is utilized to scan the seal by user standing on the other side of the compartment.
•    Increased signal strength will be shown apparently for leak sites.
•    The numerical display and volume of audible signals can easily show the strength of the signals received by the receiver.

Other Accessories Offered with Liquid Level Indicator by Coltraco

Coltraco Ltd is renowned for establishing numerous fire extinguishers testers which help to gain maximum benefit rather than being harmful. Moreover, they are improved with the time to make sure they are fulfilling the need of the entire circle of users. There is a complete packing of Portalevel® II which can be checked while getting piece or pieces for you. Majorly, the package contain mentioned below accessories:

•    Hardy Carrying Case
•    Ultrasonic Gel
•    Dry Sensor
•    Main Unit

This Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is available with other accessories as well which are mentioned below. These are considered to be optional accessories which are provided in order to enhance the capabilities of the respective product. These accessories are mentioned with details to help you their basic use:

This is a component which receives and transmits the Ultrasonic signal from the main unit. Due to the involvement of electrical stimulation of one crystal, it is able to achieve using the piezoelectric effect. The similar involvement also emits ultrasonic pulse which is produced in a fixed frequency. Through the walls, it is transmitted into the container which is further tested till the signal hits the opposite wall which basically produces an echo. Sensor catches the returning echo which stimulates the crystal and converts it into an electrical reading that is actually interpreted by the main unit.

•   Multi – Banked Extension Rod
Portalevel® Standard being a liquid Level Indicator is further enhanced with the optional accessory known to be Multi-Bank Extension Rod which works on the same principle of the sensor. It provides a quick and easy method for testing the other rows which are 2nd, 3rd and 4th row of cylinders for Banked Fire Suppression System. Three major components are available along with the extension rod which are extension sections, L shaped applicator and handle. On assembling these components, the operators get an access to the spaces between the cylinders and may identify the cylinder content as well.

•   Portatherm® – Portable Infrared Thermometers
Some portable infrared non-contact thermometers can also be supplied by Coltraco Ltd which are reliable, simple and accurate for testing in climates when critical temperature of liquid gaseous components might be reached.

•   Gas Monitors
You can even get entertained with the supply of numerous kinds of handheld monitors such as Oxygen Detectors which eliminates the risk of any gas leakage while testing the environment.

•   Permalevel®
24/7 monitoring systems are invented with Portalevel® so that more accuracy and safe system can be established.

Importance of checking Leaks in Ship to Avoid Massive Loss

New Year brings a lot of happiness and is seen as a best time to make resolutions on an individual level and on a business level too. New destinations are set up and new systems are made. We see a horde of new plans, changes hence various things with the section of the New Year. Various noteworthy associations starting at now report the attractions they will give as the latest month of a year approaches. This New Year is similarly one of the best for the conveyance business in light of the way that the trade will increase among all associations and most apparently countries.

With the section of the year 2014 the conveyance business can make a New Year assurance that won’t simply enhance it and tried and true industry, yet it will moreover make it a more profitable industry. This assurance should be ordinary checking of the coziness of top with ultrasound for each watercraft that is to set sail in the year 2014. Hatch cover testing of all the entryway fronts of a watercraft all the time is the underlying move towards controlling the idea of a pontoon and making it completely fixed. Spilling water crafts are a blob of offensiveness all in all business since they hurt the items they are passing on, and also hurt the business whose stock are devastated.

A businessperson constantly orchestrates the items according to their enthusiasm for his business. In case the stock are hurt in the midst of the transportation strategy and paying little heed to the way that the damages are paid by the watercraft proprietors, the customers who returned from his shop with alongside nothing as a result of non openness of the items are customers lost until the finish of time. This unmistakably infers his business gets a gigantic blow which will leave its impact for a long time or pretty much for the entire life. Getting reimbursed in regards to cases or insurance may be helpful for the time being, in any case it is never a better than average decision for business which goes for the more drawn out term.

Hatch cover maintenance and watertight compartment door testing should be on top of the New Year’s assurance for the year 2014 for each vessel proprietor. Thusly he won’t simply be strengthening his own particular business, furthermore round aboutly empowering the country’s economy and playing a meandering however an incredibly convincing part in impacting the matter of the country he is overseeing. Secured and pleasing voyage mean more business, more appointments for the entire year and practically zero setbacks that are paid off as assurance cases.

Major Advantages that Comes with Portascanner™ Watertight

In order to enhance the safety measures of users, Coltraco Ltd has been producing several advanced instruments out of which Portascanner™ is considered to be one. This product is not specifically about regularity but about safe ship site offshore and onshore. The users of Portascanner™ can stay ensured in regards to business continuity with higher protection and lower risk. The latest generation of this measuring instrument is primarily considered to be watertight integrity of sealed compartments including weather and water tight doors, MCTs and hatch covers.

Mentioned below are some prominent features of Portascanner™ which you may want to know:
•    Considered flawless to inspect watertight doors, hatch covers, cable transits, bulk – heads, scuttles or any watertight compartment
•    Flawless to inspect the leaks for CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems
•    Operators do not have to climb down every time in order to place the generator to the required tank due to the fitted magnets in ultrasonic generator
•    Allow easiness to transport, operated and carried the equipment due to the factors of being portable and lightweight
•    Most importantly, it is considered to be faster and accurate than chalk testing and high pressure hose
•    Online training videos and DVDs are provided along the package of Portascanner™ Watertight for effective and quick usage
•    Possess Classification Society for identifying leak sites, but must be smaller than 1mm diameter

Major Benefits of Portascanner™ Watertight
Portascanner™ Watertight falls into the category to be an ultrasonic thickness gauge along with being portable ultrasonic weather-tight, watertight and gastight integrity tester. Here we have mentioned the three most important benefits of Portascanner™ Watertight. Give it a look!

•   Quick and Easy to Use
Being a simply solution for its respective applications and limited restrictions, it is efficient and easy to operate. Only person is needed to handle this system whereas the completion of the process is done faster than any other solution. Time consuming and labour saving are other two benefits of the related instrument.

•   Pin-Point Accuracy
Frequent testing can be conducted along with contribution to preventative management and safety management procedures on the board ships. Due to its efficiency towards the job it is manufactured for assures protection of cargo being carried, safety of onboard crew and the structural integrity of integrity.

•   Enhances Safety
Due to audible and visual readings, the user is identified about the location of leak sites. Moreover, it is accurate in
mentioning the definitive and accurate numerical results of intensity of problem. For general info, 0 to 5 is perfect for watertight and 100 means weather-tight whereas anything above it require check and balance.

For further information, you may visit the website.

Importance of Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Monitoring System

It has been years for Coltraco to produce numerous fire extinguishing monitoring instruments which are modernized within the advanced terms and conditions required. Moreover, the versatile requirements of the current situation need some more and sharply managed setup which is not only beneficial for saving expenses but labor as well. For the management of all the devices and to monitor the respective system the instruments are manufactured for, only a minor number of people are required which can be trained with the help of available DVDs in the packing or probably online videos. With the usage of Ultrasonic technology in its products, it is considered to be the most reliable and comfortable manufacturer and supplier of fire suppression monitoring. Coltraco Ultrasonic Ltd offers a various variety which differently qualifies in different areas used for similar function of monitoring the system of fire extinguishers. Fortunately, you can now keep the check of the quality of the cargo carried in ships which often cause balancing issues so make sure you have Hatch Cover Testing device on the board to avoid such mishaps.

Back in 2003, range of Permalevel® was produced for supporting UK Nuclear facility to have constant monitoring solution for its fire extinguishing system. Though the versatility and diversification to the entire Permalevel® range has brought on massive level, hence with different qualification, numerous jobs are attended and performed by these off products such Permalevel® Single Point and Permalevel® Multiplex. The different between these two devices is in regards to monitoring the smaller systems and high technology solution is for larger systems.

Permalevel® is best to consider monitoring CO2 and Marine CO2 systems for onboard ships to avoid any corrosion of the metal or leakage which can cause suffocation hence resulting in death. Most importantly, if these systems are not being checked on regular basis, they will not result into any good when unfortunately, the emergency comes.

Functionality of Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester

Versatile in producing numerous instruments which are capable enough to ensure the correct regulations of fire extinguishing instruments; Coltraco is honored to offer highly qualified and standardized monitoring instruments. A huge series is available to measure and monitor fire extinguishers in numerous ways used in different ways at various areas and locations. As the time is passing by, more advancements and improvements are being brought to each series which have been manufactured up till now. Portascanner™ II is basically a multiple cable transit areas testing device which is highly efficient in performing its respective job.

Function of Portascanner™ II
By placing the Ultrasonic Generator inside the compartment can help you test it easily. Via receiver, the operator points the sensor into every direction along the seal under inspection. The defected areas can be easily identified in regards to the connected headset and digital display whereas an immediate action can be taken in regards to solve the issue. This device helps in better functioning of the critical role of operation of the fire extinguishers in watertight seals.

Other qualifications of this device are mentioned below, give it a look!

•    Gives off better and accurate results in comparison to host testing which is possible after loading in case requirement is there.
•    Online Training Videos and DVD are available with equipment for effective, easy and quick usage of the product.
•    Capable for identifying leak sites which are small that 1mm diameter along with full Classification Society Approval, this device is perfect and flawless.
•    Consider best for scuttles, hatch cover testing, bulkheads, watertight doors, cable transits and any watertight compartments.
•    Magnets fit to ultrasonic generator due to which the operators do not have to climb up and down the ladders in order to place generator on the tank top.
•    Most importantly, it is quite faster and accurate than chalk testing and hose testing.
•    It is portable and really lightweight which permits the equipment to be transported, operated and carried with comfortable.
•    In respect to door seals, it is difficult to identify with chalk tests so accurately and confidently as Portascanner™ II is capable of.

You can get this product through ways mentioned at website. Without confirmation form customer service of Coltraco, avoid making purchasing from any supplier and dealer. This can help you get the reliable and long lasting product. Moreover, purchasing the original product can help you in future replacement if needed.