Preference of Coltraco Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Tester over Others

There comes a major question of preferring one manufacturer and supplier over the others. What makes customers to choose one company over the other names? Well, majorly quality with easy functioning and variety, then reliability and price and lastly, customer support and after sales facilities. Undoubtedly, Coltraco is considered to be an outstanding name which qualifies to be really smooth in all these features. Providing the best pinned package to the customers, there are other facilities and replacement of stuff within maximum possibilities.

Moreover, versatile in producing numerous instruments which are capable enough to ensure the correct regulations of fire extinguishing instruments; Coltraco is honored to offer highly qualified and standardized monitoring instruments. A huge series is available to measure and monitor fire extinguishers in numerous ways used in different ways at various areas and locations. As the time is passing by, more advancements and improvements are being brought to each series, which have been manufactured up till now. Portascanner™ watertight is basically multiple cable transit areas testing device, which is highly efficient.

Function of Portascanner™ Watertight
By placing the Ultrasonic Generator inside the compartment can help you test it easily. Via receiver, the operator points the sensor into every direction along the seal under inspection. The defected areas can be easily identified in regards to the connected headset and digital display whereas an immediate action can be taken in regards to solve the issue. This device helps in better functioning of the critical role of operation of the fire extinguishers in watertight seals.
Other qualifications of this device are mentioned below give it a look!

  • Gives off better and accurate results in comparison to host testing, which is possible after loading in case requirement is there.
  • Online Training Videos and DVD are available with equipment for effective, easy and quick usage of the product.
  • Capable for identifying leak sites, which are small that 1mm diameter along with full Classification Society Approval, this device is perfect and flawless.
  • Consider best for scuttles, hatch cover testing, bulkheads, watertight doors, cable transits and any watertight compartments.
  • Magnets fit to ultrasonic generator due to which the operators do not have to climb up and down the ladders in order to place generator on the tank top.
  • Most importantly, it is quite faster and accurate than chalk testing and hose testing.
  • It is portable and really lightweight, which permits the equipment to be transported, operated and carried with comfortable.
  • In respect to door seals, it is difficult to identify with chalk tests so accurately and confidently as Portascanner™ watertight is capable of.

You can get this product through ways mentioned at website. Without confirmation form customer service of Coltraco, avoid making purchasing from any supplier and dealer. This can help you get the reliable and long lasting product. Moreover, purchasing the original product can help you in future replacement if needed.


Optional Portalevel™ Accessories Assistance Provided by Coltraco

As a matter of fact, utilizing anything on daily basis can make you run out of few stuff being utilized for that purpose. The core point of judging the quality of any company, manufacturer or supplier of any product is in regards to the understanding the need of optional and extra accessories of the commodity they are dealing in. When it comes to manufacturing and supplying ultrasonic instruments, one of the rare names, which qualify for this quality is Coltraco Limited, UK. We have specialized in manufacturing this equipment with advanced technology on prior basis but with the progressive needs of time and industries we have touching, all the models are upgraded upon need to meet the margins.

Coltraco has produced various and highly technical measuring instruments adaptable to different environments. It has been a long time that this company is facilitating people with reasonable price and high quality monitoring tools. The variation in the products in regards to measuring liquids to various extents, number of cylinders an ultrasonic level sensor can manage. We have mentioned some popular products and there are many other accessories available as well you can get if lost by any chance. Give them a look:

Coltraco Portalevel™ Ultrasonic Gel
All Portalevel™ packages come with ultrasonic gel included. They are reasons for you requiring more so for extra Ultrasonic Gel, you will have to state this in your enquiry. If you run out, at critical situation where it is not possible to get these gels, you can use water instead as Coltraco Limited, UK keeps it simple.

Portatherm – Thermometers
You can now be able to supply small portable infrared non-contact thermometers which are accurate, simple and reliable for testing in climates when the liquid gaseous’ critical temperature might be reached.

Portalevel™ Extension Rod
This is one of the best accessories for accessing all the cylinders placed at the distance or covered by other cylinders. This helps the operator to reach those areas where it is impossible for the operator to reach personally. The rear rows can easily be measured with the help of these Portalevel™ extension rods whereas they are generally available in the package but somehow you lost the one in package, you may get another. There are two sizes available for which you can choose upon your need. These rods increase the efficiency of liquid level indicator so you better have one.

Portasteele Calculator
This accessory is amazing valuable to weigh the agent filled fire extinguishing cylinder whereas with the help of liquid levels on an approximation with Portalevel™ units, this accessory can be helpful to notify you with the current level of liquid inside a cylinder. This device can be demanded additional with the Portalevel™ range whereas it proves to be accurate and fast.

Portalevel™ Opt-In Accessories
If you need more protection for your Portalevel™ measuring instrument and accessories, this optional pelicase is best for impact structural copolymer polypropylene, ABS latches and O-ring sealing technology.
If you want any of the accessories above or any other, please Enquire Now

Significance of Regular Check on Fire Extinguishing Agent Cylinders – Coltraco

Each building new or old must have a framework that would keep its tenants secure from any sort of incident. To counteract or to know how it happened, most structures are currently outfitted with CCTV cameras to record anything that is uncommon. Recordings supportive in comprehending what occurred after the trial has happened yet there are a few measures that can be assumed to keep the misfortune from becoming, for example, if there should be an occurrence of flame, a solid fire concealment framework can hold the warmth down and forestall misfortunes. Fire episodes aren’t uncommon and they happen a ton particularly in spots where the populace is thick.

It is vital to slaughter the flares the minute they emerge. At the point when the flares are given a free way to investigate, they do as such by consuming everything that goes in close vicinity to their grip. Fire has no aptitude to recognize what’s imperative and not, and this is the reason numerous blameless lives are lost when there is nobody to control fire when it begins seething like hellfire. The Novec 1230 gas suppression system is intended to battle flares ideal in its early stages so it doesn’t gain out of power. In the occasion, fire escapes hand and achieves the spot where the gas concealment framework can be powerful, it won’t let it pass advance and would put a conclusion to it immediately.

A human eye can’t keep watch over the whole working at all circumstances and this is the reason we ought not timid far from putting present day innovation to great utilize. Utilizing a framework that makes your property ok for others to utilize ought to be a need when opening it up for general society. Any despondent episode at an open place causes disarray and frenzy, which declines the circumstance. At such a period the security work force are more worried about clearing the general population than going up against the blazes without anyone else. Subsequently a mechanized fire concealment framework comes in genuine helpful at such circumstances.

The gas exhibit in the barrels ought to dependably be kept to their most extreme weight. With the progression of time it begins crumbling and if the level goes beneath worthy, there would be nothing the framework would have the capacity to do. While this can’t be robotized, people should utilize the ultrasonic liquid level indicator and measure the chambers physically. Measuring them would uncover the weight inside and in the event that anything is by all accounts not right, it ought to be supplanted with a dependable pressurized chamber. The terminated barrel ought to be promptly sent for a refill or substitution so that when the need emerges, there ought to be a lot of Novec 1230 to depend upon.

Specifications of Portalevel Max Marine by Coltraco Ultrasonics, UK

Portalevel® MAX Marine builds on Coltraco Limited’s 20 Years Experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting Ultrasonic Liquid Level Equipment, in 105 Countries and numerous market sectors and environments. The development program was born out of the desire to further improve on our existing 8 designs and taking on board feedback and opinions of our customers. Following an extensive Research & Development program to achieve these goals, Coltraco Limited has introduced a wide range of new technologies, features and processes including ultrasonic liquid level indicator. ThePortalevel Max Marine is designed primarily for maritime applications where either Service Companies or Vessels are inspecting large fire suppression systems. This model was designed with Marine needs closely in mind and allows operators to quickly test large numbers of cylinders. The package comes with an extension rod included as standard. This ultrasonic level indicator allows users to measure stacked rows of cylinders common practice on vessels and offshore installations.

Coltraco are aware of many users of the Portalevel equipment operate in Safety Critical Environments and often under significant time constraints. To enhance our previous model therefore, Coltraco UK has developed a complete package with entire components to make sure you get the best results.

Technical Specifications of Portalevel Intrinsically
Here, we have enlisted technical specs available with this liquid level indicator – Portalevel Max Marine. Give it a look!

  • Height: 160mm
  • Width: 82mm
  • Weight: 300grams
  • Depth: 30mm

Verifiable Agents
CO2, FM-200™, NOVEC™1230, old Halons such as 1301 and 1211, FE-13™, FE-25™, FE-36™, HFC-225 & 2271
+/- 1.5mm (1/8 inch)
TX/RX Dry Sensor

  • 14 mm diameter head
  • Contained within a magnetized sensor applicator
  • Connected by BNC connectors to 1m length co-ax cable.

Mini Extension Rod Sensor

  • 1 meter in length
  • 12mm in diameter
  • Connected by bnC connectors to 1 m length co-ax cable.

Power Supply
1 x PP3 9V battery (battery life 10 hours)
Operating Temperature
-20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F)
Membrane control operated, LCD back-lit Display measuring 55 x 28 mm

  • IP Rating 65
  • NATO Stock Number: 6680-99-275-5292


  • Classification Society Approved- RINA
  • CE
  • ISO 19011 Registered


  • Main Unit: 3 Years Warranty
  • Sensor: 1 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Portalevel Max Marine Content

  • 1 Potalevel MAX unit
  • 1 Wet Sensor
  • 1 Mini 12mm Extension Rod
  • 1 Portatherm
  • Ultrasonic Gel
  • 1 Hard Wearing Carrying Case
  • Calibration certificate

Advantages that comes with Ultrasonic Technology Measuring Instruments by Coltraco

Fluid level measuring is an intense issue in the industrial facilities. Their tremendous stockpiling territories have many tanks that can without much of a stretch hold up to a large number of gallons of fluid set up all together. Measuring the colossal tanks by any human is a tedious, costly and an unsafe assignment. That is the reason the utilization of any sort of liquid level indicator is favored over the manual techniques. This wipes out the odds of human lives to be put at hazard while taking the estimations of fluids inside.

Since industrial facilities tend to make any sort of item inside their specialty (after an update or something like that), their tanks are intended to hold any sort of fluid when required. However, lamentably this comes in conflict with the liquid level sensor. The various types of markers have distinctive functionalities and diverse propensities. They don’t coordinate with each sort of fluid and this makes an issue while pouring another sort of fluid in the tanks. Keeping in view the sort of pointer introduced with the tank, it some of as far as possible the fluids that can be put away in the tanks. The impediments can be an enormous difficulty for the plant and it can back off the assembling forms.

To kill such constraints and have an open source-measuring gadget, the manufacturing plants have picked to utilize the ultrasonic level indicator. This is the main sort of marker that does not require interacting with the fluid. In this way is enables any sort of fluid to be measured with no hitch. The conceivable outcomes are huge with it and each sort of fluid is effortlessly measured. The main disadvantage with the ultrasonic level marker is that it can’t quantify a tank made of plastic. The plastic can undoubtedly consume the ultrasonic waves, so all things considered, its utilization is not empowered.

What is the significance of installation of Fire Suppressing System for Bigger Number of Cylinders

Fire can always be managed if it is suppressed before the moment it has gained strength. It is better to initially grab control over the fire to avoid any serious damage, which may be caused at any time. Why is it important to grab the control over the fire before its spreads widely? It is essential to hold the fire or prevent it before it widely spreads because it is impossible to fight back fire once it has took gained entire power and force to catch things around. No matter how better and improved equipment you use to handle it, it will be a miracle to gain control over the bombing fire. To tackle such situations in time, it is important if you begin with common sense and consciousness, which means, there is a way to stop giving space to such situations.

Indeed, begin with the installation of proper tools which can help you control and assist fire suppression at the earliest times and consequences. This efficient equipment brings changes to the temperature in the environment as quickly as they sense flames. If you possess an attached FM 200 fire suppression system, it helps in releasing the fire extinguishing agent which spontaneously grab the control and suppress the gas within couple of minutes. This fire extinguishing system is incredible and efficient to control the fire flames at the quickest and at initial stages. This gas is amazing to be used for the specific reason as it is non-toxic, odorless and colorless whereas capable to suppress at any level on initial stages, abruptly. As it is not harmful for humans, it is easy to release this gas in their presence without issue of suffocation and causes no allergy as this comes to be an odorless gas. Moreover, due to its colorless feature, it is not harmful for precious furniture or sensitive and valuable property, which may be placed within any compartment where fire flames are occurred. Being no n toxic gas, this is even helpful as this makes its fire killer but safer for other humans. Obviously, this gas is considered to be a perfect fire-extinguishing agent as this gas is not harmful for humans and things on the same scales with its respective features mentioned earlier.

These gases are compressed and condensed to enclose in liquefied form in single skinned cylinders, which needs to be maintained so that these compressed fire extinguishing gases should be used properly and conveniently in the situation of emergency. It is highly recommended that you possess ultrasonic liquid level indicator attached to the system in order to make sure that there is no leakage caused to the system and it is kept in accurate condition for critical situations. These measuring instruments are capable of sensing the level of any liquid enclosed in single skinned cylinder without coming in contact or touch that specific liquid it is attached to the system for. It performs the concerned function with the help of detecting the ultrasonic sound waves produced by the liquids in the tanks or wells. The concerned authority may take action in case if they find the calculations of the level to be drastically down as compare to the normal liquid level. As it is capable of measuring vast and diverse forms of liquids enclosed in single skinned cylinders, it is something efficient to be installed.

How and why to treat Ungoverned spaces with assistance by Coltraco?

It could only be possible the way it is done by Coltraco Ultrasonics. After work and efforts pulled in for a year, finally Coltraco could make it possible to treat “ungoverned space.” The question here arises, what exactly this space is? Simply putting together, the ‘ungoverned space’ is the area in the fire industry where either the regulations or the protecting systems of the critical infrastructure are not effectively providing consistent and reliable safety.

Coltraco repeatedly push for this life-threatening issue to be dealt with, with specific regard to loss of contents in fixed fire extinguishing systems. After continued efforts to make the ‘ungoverned space’ in the fire industry heard, understood and taken action upon, the problem is starting to be recognised by some, but not all. This haphazard approach is dangerous and often unknown to the users of the infrastructure. The ungoverned space in the fire industry must end now. You might have heard of it but now it is time to do something about it.

Gaseous extinguishing systems protect urgently important infrastructure against special hazards, fundamental for the safeguarding of critical facilities. Although many in the fire industry work towards meeting better standards, in their experience, Coltraco have numerous concerning anecdotes of non-compliance:
Systems portrayed and installed by contractors as Novec 1230 gas suppression system but filled with sand or water

  • Room integrity testing with questionable results and with the room integrity remaining un-monitored after testing
  • Liquefied extinguishants being confused by installers with Inert gas systems
  • Service engineers asking how to test the liquid level in powder and the list go on

Coupled with these anecdotes, currently the regulations are not extensive enough to deal with the risks presented in gaseous systems. The regulations explain that the storage container contents shall be checked at least every six months as follows. :

a) Liquefied gases: for halocarbon agents, if a container shows a loss of agent in quantity of more than 5 % or a loss of pressure (adjusted for temperature) of more than 10 %, it shall be refilled or replaced.
b) Non-liquefied gases: for inert gas agents, pressure is an indication of agent quantity. If a container shows a loss of agent quantity or a loss of pressure (adjusted for temperature) of more than 5 %, it shall be refilled or replaced. Essentially, it is known in regulations that the gaseous systems leak and need to be maintained. Given that the gaseous systems are designed specifically to the individual need of that room, building etc., a 5% loss of agent may mean that they would not fully extinguish the fire.

Can one annual check account for the probability of discharge and leakage for the other 364 days of the year between certification checks? No.
The neglect of continuous monitoring of the fundamental protection provided by the gaseous extinguishing systems is to the peril of the lives of occupants of the premises and at the risk of crippling financial and reputational loss to the facility comprising the critical infrastructure.
The examples of where continuous monitoring is essential are many, extensive and varied. If you protect critical infrastructure, then this article applies to you.
However to exemplify the integral nature of continuous monitoring; incidents in nuclear power plants around the world have continued to demonstrate the vulnerability of safety systems to fire and its effects. The potential danger from an accident at a nuclear power plant is exposure to radiation to the people in the vicinity of the plume from the cloud and particles deposited on the ground, inhalation of radioactive materials and ingestion of radioactive materials. The International Atomic Energy Authority state clearly in the Fire Safety in the Operation of Nuclear Power Plants standards that the effects of a single failure in fire safety systems, such a system not performing its required function, can be detrimental. With fires at nuclear power plants still occurring, such as the technical issue which led to a blast at the 2017 power plant at Flamanville, deemed “very serious” by industry experts, the call for advanced technology is of most importance.

Focused on continued advancement of safety technology, Coltraco have now developed the Permalevel® Multiplex, a fixed fire suppression monitoring device, designed for permanent contents verification. The Permalevel®  Multiplex    is  designed  to  ensure  that fire  suppression  systems  are  always  fully operational and that no accidental discharge has occurred, which could affect the effectiveness of the overall fire protection system in the event of a fire at a nuclear power plant.

The application of the Permalevel® reaches further, with customers using this equipment in alternate specialist and confidential manners to ensure safety in the station. With guaranteed systems operations, adaptability for purpose, 24/7 remote access to the systems status, an interruptible power supply and remote real-time monitoring, the Permalevel® offers the efficiency that is now a requirement for encompassing protection. The likes of the Atomic Energy Authority asked Coltraco Ultrasonics to tailor make them a solution to constantly monitor a special application using the Permalevel® Single Point for over 10 years.

There is no use in waiting or denying the problem, continuous monitoring and Safesite technologies must be adopted now. Technological development is inevitable and that can’t wait for regulations any longer. We will not stop until the ungoverned space is fully recognised and dealt with. There is no room for the industry to fall back into old habits. The ungoverned space must be recognised, the science is clear and it shows that the risk to people and infrastructure is real and high. Constant monitoring of gaseous extinguishing systems and must be implemented, people’s lives depend upon it.

Think again. Are you being passive toward active fire protection? If you are, we are here to help you ensure critical safety.