Ultrasonic level indicator for monitoring Fire Suppression System

No matter which protecting and emergency system you install in your business or residential area, it is important to take care of it. In case you don’t, it is a something bad to say but it would be of no good in case of emergency. It is better to possess a monitoring system especially for fire extinguishing installations because they may end up being hazardous. FM 200 Fire Suppression System is commonly available in factories, industries, medical institutions, Data centers, UPS rooms and other situation whereas fire is expected to cause harm. This system is basically a suitable agent which can help in burn out the fire. It is chemically known as HFC227ea whereas it is a waterless fire protection system discharges within 10 seconds in case the fire risk is there.

As it is considered to be a spontaneous and quick compound to meet the situation, it is considered to be reliable and convenient to possess in industrial sector importantly. Furthermore, as it is so commonly found as propellant in medical inhalers, people prefer it even much due to its effectiveness and safety percentage. Majorly, people believe that reduction of oxygen is majorly caused if FM 200 is released which is scientifically not true. It is basically a chemical or synthetic fire extinguishing gas which is compressed in liquid form and stored in cylinders. On its release, heat elements and free radicals are removed from the fire triangle to burn it out.

Though there are multiple benefits of FM 200 fire suppression system but obviously, a reasonable check is supposed to be maintained over the installation to avoid any disappointed when the extinguisher is basically required to be used. Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is recommended most importantly to everyone whosoever has the installation in its premises. The great benefit of this device is in regards to the amount which is required to burn out the fire is really minute which means calculated amount of fewer cylinders hence specific space is required for the installation. Due to its immediate effect, it inferences in being lower repair cost due to less damage. Furthermore, it is safe for the environment whereas causes no harm to the people around in case of mishap.

Receiver and Generator of Hatch Cover Testing Device

Generally, a hatch cover testing device is prepared out of two units which are known to be generator and receiver. Ultrasound with emission of particular frequency of 40,000 Hz, the generator manages to prove. With the integration of magnets, it can be attached to various surfaces easily within sealed areas. Receiver is capable of receiving the signals and conversion is made which results into the indication of W/T integrity. This advance and efficient system helps the entire areas under monitoring in functioning and enhance performance may be. Moreover, with the fire extinguisher monitoring range produced by Coltraco Ultrasonic Ltd, the results can be transferred to the computer where a permanent data can be stored. It further helps to compare the results and efficiency of these devices along with the installed system you have invested on for emergency situations. Portascanner™ Watertight is multiple cable transit areas testing device which is efficient to direct and convert the results to audio and display. This helps to alert the responsible person to give attention more promptly then other ways.

Receiver of Portascanner™ Watertight
It consists of extension rod connector, Gain 1,2,3, Volume Up and Down Buttons, LCD Visual Display, Mode, On and Off Buttons and Headphone Connection. Following is the way of operation of receiver:
•    It is tuned for detecting the particular frequency of ultrasound ways.
•    It possesses audio and visual outputs.
•    As sensor rod is attached to it, a user can scan the seal at close range entirely.
•    LCD screen shows the visual output of detected ultrasounds.
•    The visual data received can be converted to decibels (dB) reading which is perfect to be tested to certification society standards.
•    Bar graph representation is also available.
•    With standard jack of 3.5 mm, a headphone is attached to the receiver to receive audio signals.
•    Heterodyning is the process through which receiver converts the ultrasound waves into audio signals so that user can easily hear.

Generator of Portascanner™ Watertight
It consists of Power On and Off Buttons, Transducers, Low Battery Indication and Battery Compartment. The operation of generator of this cable transit watertight areas testing are mentioned below:
•    It is placed on one side of the sealed compartment and turned on.
•    Sensor rod is utilized to scan the seal by user standing on the other side of the compartment.
•    Increased signal strength will be shown apparently for leak sites.
•    The numerical display and volume of audible signals can easily show the strength of the signals received by the receiver.

Universal Significance of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

You must have commonly heard for this device whereas if you are not familiar to its functioning, let me help you get over this confusion here. There are various devices and instruments used for measuring things on different level which are upgraded continuously in regards to the devices they qualify for. Moreover, here we are going to talk about one such measuring instrument used for non-destructive investigation in accordance to the thickness of various materials with the help of ultrasonic waves. Many companies are currently producing different forms of ultrasonic thickness gauge whereas Coltraco Ltd is approached by various people from diverse walks of life. The major factor of any company to progress in regards to measuring instruments is because of the following points mentioned below:

•    How efficient it can work?
•    What scope the device possesses?
•    How advanced and operational it is?
•    How transparent it can keep the procedure?
•    How easily it can be operated?
•    Does it have properly calculating system?
•    How much labor force is required for functioning?
•    Does it qualify to various products?
•    What price it comes with?
•    How long it can last?
•    What condition it is suitable in?
•    Others depending on the product

If prominently and practically, a company qualifies in fulfilling these basic and other technical criteria in accordance to the product; it can easily conquer the market by the demand of customers. People will definitely go for something expensive but worth it rather than inexpensive and cannot manage working up to the mark. You will find ultrasonic thickness gauge majorly utilized for measuring thickness of numerous objects and materials in diverse industries especially when it comes to measure cylinders for CO2 & Marine CO2 system. It is important to check for the corrosion of the cylinders if done because there is always a chance for fire extinguishing system no matter where it is installed, can leak due to expected and unexpected reasons. Today, you can find multiple measuring thickness gauges such as ultrasonic coating thickness gauge, paint thickness gauge, digital thickness gauge and other in order to measure glass, ceramics, plastics, metal and other materials. Generally, they function as of by determining the sample thickness by measuring the time span a sound to traverse back from the transducer via material to the back end of the part and back. Hence, this device then calculates the data presumed by the speed of the sound being received via tested sample. This was the most comprehensive and accumulated information in regards to ultrasonic thickness gauge which is important for you to have.

Considerations to be Made before Installation of Fire Suppressing System

Whenever you are installing any sort of fire extinguishing system, you need to be aware of your need along with qualification of that fire suppressing system. For example, if you prefer to install FM 200 fire suppression system for your convenience and assurance for better ways to fight fire in case of emergency. As these comes with benefits, there are various issues and risks you open yourself to which needs to be managed before you finalize anything installation. Possessing an entire system of fire extinguishing system is not enough but to make sure that it really work when the time comes. Primarily, it is recommended to possess liquid gas level indicator if you are installing fire extinguishing system as it is important that you keep a check of its condition. These measuring instruments assist you in various forms such as measuring the levels of liquefied gases enclosed in cylinders. This helps you to make sure that the liquefied gases are ready to extinct the flames if happen in case of emergency.


After being released, you should be well aware of the facility any fire extinguishing gas can provide. As FM 200 fire suppression system is a odorless, non toxic and odorless gas, it causes no harm which means the furniture, other equipment and electronics including humans will be save.


As this fire suppressing gas is guaranteed safe in regards to the tests conducted. Moreover, these are considered safe because if removes the fire causing element rather than decreasing the amount of oxygen which means it is save to use as it would not cause any suffocation. It allows people to exit without losing their nerves and falling unconscious.


There are moments when it is impossible or really difficult to recharge the fire extinguishing agent. It is essential and important if you access all the installed suppliers in your area to prevent the fire to gain power.

Installation Options

There are various options to install fire extinguishers no matter how large or small your area is. In case if you seek to cover more area, it is preferable to consult some expert to avoid any damage in future though you have invested an appreciable amount.


This fire extinguishing system comes to be expensive just by a minor difference but generally, this temporary investment is actually greater when it comes to the function is it designed and manufactured for.


Whatever the case is or howsoever your system is efficient for its activity, it is suggestion on a serious level to take care of the installation in order to avoid any unexpected situation in future. Make sure you keep on removing the minor leakages and faults which may come up as fatal circumstances.


Liquefied gaseous element should be kept in single skinned containers, tanks or wells. Prefer to have ultrasonic level indicator which comes to be really accurate in giving accurate measurements. These instruments are efficient to monitor the amount of gas enclosed in them in liquefied condition.

Other Accessories Offered with Liquid Level Indicator by Coltraco

Coltraco Ltd is renowned for establishing numerous fire extinguishers testers which help to gain maximum benefit rather than being harmful. Moreover, they are improved with the time to make sure they are fulfilling the need of the entire circle of users. There is a complete packing of Portalevel® II which can be checked while getting piece or pieces for you. Majorly, the package contain mentioned below accessories:

•    Hardy Carrying Case
•    Ultrasonic Gel
•    Dry Sensor
•    Main Unit

This Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is available with other accessories as well which are mentioned below. These are considered to be optional accessories which are provided in order to enhance the capabilities of the respective product. These accessories are mentioned with details to help you their basic use:

This is a component which receives and transmits the Ultrasonic signal from the main unit. Due to the involvement of electrical stimulation of one crystal, it is able to achieve using the piezoelectric effect. The similar involvement also emits ultrasonic pulse which is produced in a fixed frequency. Through the walls, it is transmitted into the container which is further tested till the signal hits the opposite wall which basically produces an echo. Sensor catches the returning echo which stimulates the crystal and converts it into an electrical reading that is actually interpreted by the main unit.

•   Multi – Banked Extension Rod
Portalevel® Standard being a liquid Level Indicator is further enhanced with the optional accessory known to be Multi-Bank Extension Rod which works on the same principle of the sensor. It provides a quick and easy method for testing the other rows which are 2nd, 3rd and 4th row of cylinders for Banked Fire Suppression System. Three major components are available along with the extension rod which are extension sections, L shaped applicator and handle. On assembling these components, the operators get an access to the spaces between the cylinders and may identify the cylinder content as well.

•   Portatherm® – Portable Infrared Thermometers
Some portable infrared non-contact thermometers can also be supplied by Coltraco Ltd which are reliable, simple and accurate for testing in climates when critical temperature of liquid gaseous components might be reached.

•   Gas Monitors
You can even get entertained with the supply of numerous kinds of handheld monitors such as Oxygen Detectors which eliminates the risk of any gas leakage while testing the environment.

•   Permalevel®
24/7 monitoring systems are invented with Portalevel® so that more accuracy and safe system can be established.

Importance of checking Leaks in Ship to Avoid Massive Loss

New Year brings a lot of happiness and is seen as a best time to make resolutions on an individual level and on a business level too. New destinations are set up and new systems are made. We see a horde of new plans, changes hence various things with the section of the New Year. Various noteworthy associations starting at now report the attractions they will give as the latest month of a year approaches. This New Year is similarly one of the best for the conveyance business in light of the way that the trade will increase among all associations and most apparently countries.

With the section of the year 2014 the conveyance business can make a New Year assurance that won’t simply enhance it and tried and true industry, yet it will moreover make it a more profitable industry. This assurance should be ordinary checking of the coziness of top with ultrasound for each watercraft that is to set sail in the year 2014. Hatch cover testing of all the entryway fronts of a watercraft all the time is the underlying move towards controlling the idea of a pontoon and making it completely fixed. Spilling water crafts are a blob of offensiveness all in all business since they hurt the items they are passing on, and also hurt the business whose stock are devastated.

A businessperson constantly orchestrates the items according to their enthusiasm for his business. In case the stock are hurt in the midst of the transportation strategy and paying little heed to the way that the damages are paid by the watercraft proprietors, the customers who returned from his shop with alongside nothing as a result of non openness of the items are customers lost until the finish of time. This unmistakably infers his business gets a gigantic blow which will leave its impact for a long time or pretty much for the entire life. Getting reimbursed in regards to cases or insurance may be helpful for the time being, in any case it is never a better than average decision for business which goes for the more drawn out term.

Hatch cover maintenance and watertight compartment door testing should be on top of the New Year’s assurance for the year 2014 for each vessel proprietor. Thusly he won’t simply be strengthening his own particular business, furthermore round aboutly empowering the country’s economy and playing a meandering however an incredibly convincing part in impacting the matter of the country he is overseeing. Secured and pleasing voyage mean more business, more appointments for the entire year and practically zero setbacks that are paid off as assurance cases.

Maintenance of CO2 Gas in Cylinders for Emergency Situation is Really Important

Marine blazes are a champion among the most hazardous ones ever. Cruising limited in the huge seas with no shore show up to numerous miles, there is by no the gathering can do to save themselves and the ship. Likewise, the items are completely pummeled and the ship’s proprietor association goes under a large number of commitments promptly. It not simply needs to bear the flight of a ship which itself is legitimized paying little heed to an enormous fortune, it in like manner needs to pay back the cost of the stock to their proprietors who have trusted their organization and gave them items to be passed on to some other port.

Fire can occur on a ship as a result of many reasons. The changing temperatures and the significantly soggy and moist climate it travels in can hurt most by far of the ship’s body and the electric wiring too. To reinforce the thousand steeds’ controlled engine, it needs to deliver control enough to supply vitality to an entire private piece inside a city. Such inconceivable measure of energy appears inside the electric connections suggests an enormous effect if there ought to emerge an event of the most diminutive electric short out. It can set the ship ablaze inside minutes and there would be too much to manage too little time and confined resources. In this way the CO2 & marine CO2 systems can be a life saver in case they are accessible on a ship that has as of late encountered a fire issue.

Carbon dioxide, as we most likely am mindful it is used as a piece of dissolved shape filled in single cleaned holders to fight fire. As it being accessible and as liquid, gives it extra push and force to be centered around the flares when required. Be it in the little fire douser chambers or the huge ones for the marine fire camouflage structures, when it is in the liquid shape, it can be released with phenomenal weight. The weight empowers it to accomplish the base of the explanation behind the bursts and pound the flares from their base. Striking the base infers that there is no chance to get of the fire to spread more.

Taking estimations all the season of the weight and the level of the CO2 inside the chambers is a flat out need. You never know whether there is a break or when shifts change, what sum has been used some time as of late. Carrying fresh estimations with the ultrasonic liquid level indicator empowers the staff to get some answers concerning the honest to goodness situation of the putting out flames administrator. By virtue of lower levels, a provoke move can be made by supplanting with the completely dispatched barrels or to orchestrate a refill if there is adequate time for it.