What are the major benefits to avail with Ultrasonic Level Indicator?

Over the centuries, world has developed drastically whereas the demands have risen at the same ratio. In order to cater these needs and requirements, it is important to look for more variety and advancement in technology, which can help you to be one the safe side more. For better functioning and improved safety measured can easily be assured by the advanced technology introduced by various manufacturers. Liquid Level Indicator is considered to be one of the superb measuring and monitoring instrument of fire extinguishers in numerous and diversified industries since so long. Being risky to health, it was considered difficult to be operated in the gone days but today, due to the simplicity, awareness between people and revolution, people name it to be more easy and reliable.

As man has grown up to be sharper and smarter, it has made sure to take things with simple and easy to use with advanced technology and consume really little time span. Considering the industry manufacturing measuring instruments for fire extinguishers, liquid level indicator is known to be that one thing which is absolutely impossible to be kicked out of industries including houses need them to assure safety of their family. Numerous inventions and improvements have been seen in the related technologies to make sure the device is easy and simply to use along with giving maximum output. Ultrasonic technology is the most common advancement made to this industry, which is being in process by Coltraco since 1987.

Qualified in the related industry, Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is massively demanded by business and industrial sectors. You will find numerous companies in United Kingdom and United States of America, which are reasonably producing the fire extinguishing monitoring products for industrial sector. The reasons for this device to be so successfully are broadly illustrated below:

Ultrasonic Level Indicator is efficient to give the accurate reading for various liquid levels in vessel, cylinders and pipeline whether long or wide. Moreover, these points cannot be measured or judged with a naked eye. Sensitive to detect ultrasonic sound waves, it gives off the guarantee to give more accurate results.

Health Friendly
As it requires no contact with specific object you are interested in determining, it makes it environmental healthy for humans around. There are moments when you have to look and monitor poisonous gases and health hazardous acids, which can be really dangerous if done manually but with Liquid Level Indicator, it becomes easy and safe.

Simple Usability
Ultrasonic liquid level indicatoris simple and easy to install and use respectively. Fortunately, due to the integrated magnets help you mount the device to the system you want to monitor in regards to be control and observe. Majorly, these devices commonly come with easy functioning and display, which gives off better-calculated results. Moreover, DVDs and Online Training Videos are also provided for better training and quick usage.

Though being so helpful and safe, Coltraco offers ultrasonic liquid level Indicator in reasonable prices without any compromise on quality.


Technical Specifications of Portalevel Max Industrial

Coltraco is a world-popular name in manufacturing ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment with high quality and reasonable prices. With growing time, it has been seen that this company has made some enormous changes – call them utilities for various industrial to convert manual jobs into mechanical. Hence, less risk and more productivity as long as maintenance is kept.

Portalevel Max Industrial is another product launched by Coltraco which non-invasively verifies the contents of cylinders and tanks holding liquids, suitable for a range of industrial purposes e.g. food processing, aerospace manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transformers. It is the 8th generation and qualifies to be a portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator.

Technical Specifications of Ultrasonic Level Indicator

  • Height:160 mm (6.29 inches)
  • Width:82 mm (3.22 inches)
  • Depth:30 mm (1.18 inches)
  • Weight:300 grams (10.58 ounces)

Verifiable Agents

  • Mayonnaise
  • Ammonia
  • Transformer oil


  • 2 x sensors – one dry sensor with standard
  • One dry sensor for standard applications
  • One special applications sensor with higher efficiency for more power output

Within 2% of true value (dependent on application)
LCD backlit display
Power Supply
1 x PP3 9V battery (battery life 10 hours)

  • Main Unit: 3 Years Warranty
  • Sensor: 1 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Operating Temperature
-20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F)
Package Contents of Portalevel Max Industrial

  • Main unit
  • 2 x Multi Application Sensor
  • Ultrasonic gel
  • Carrying case
  • Sensor set cables
  • Calibration certificate
  • Instruction manual
  • Portatherm


Why to buy Portalevel Max by Coltraco Ultrasonics?

Coltraco is a world-popular name in manufacturing ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment with high quality and reasonable prices. With growing time, it has been seen that this company has made some enormous changes – call them utilities for various industrial to convert manual jobs into mechanical. Hence, less risk and more productivity as long as maintenance is kept.
Portalevel Max Industrial is another product launched by Coltraco which non-invasively verifies the contents of cylinders and tanks holding liquids, suitable for a range of industrial purposes e.g. food processing, aerospace manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transformers. It is the 8th generation and qualifies to be a portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator.

Features Offered by Coltraco
Here are some of the quick features you can enjoy with Coltraco Portalevel Max:

  • Three years warranty
  • Customer Care Commitment
  • Lifetime Support
  • Ultrasonic Technology
  • 5 tried and tested applications
  • 2 sensors for double the technology capability.
  • Calibration and Training certificates available
  • No radiation
  • Non-intrusive

What is included in package offered by Coltraco?
Following are the contents offered inliquid level indicator:
1. Dry Sensor
A standard sensor for all land based Portalevel units. The metal applicator is connected to the unit via 1 meter of ax cable and a BNC connector.
2. Portatherm
An infrared thermometer comes as standard. Designed with portability in-mind, this device is intended for monitoring cylinders in warm climates.
3. Main Unit
The main unit is protected a IP65 Enclosure and weighs just 500 grams. It has a LCD Numeric Display with LED Bar Graph and 4 touch button controls.
4. Ultrasonic Gel
Ultrasonic Gel is a brilliant agent for increasing the surface contact of the Sensor. Coltraco sensors have also been designed to work with water .
5. Special Applications sensor
Special Applications Sensor with higher efficiency for more power output

Method to Measure NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppressing System Accurately

All around the world, there is various fire extinguishing agents, which are utilized to meet the unexpected circumstances. The choosing procedure all depends on the purchaser’s needs and budgets but Coltraco offers a reasonably price fire extinguishing system with integrated liquid level indicators in order to make sure that respective can easily manage to monitor it consistently. As far as smothering out the fire flames with NOVEC 1230 is considered a really reasonable option. It manages to blow out the flames within matter of few seconds but what makes people to avoid is the expensiveness of this agent. After all this, if someone bears the budget for high quality protection, Coltraco Limited, UK makes sure that the monitoring system should be made reasonable to compensate the hard earned cash someone has spent on installing the fire suppressing system.

Novec 1230 gas suppression system is the up and coming era of compound fire concealment with quick and comprehensive results. The viability of the gas has earned it the endorsement of the utilization in marine fire suppressant procedures. The gas has been finished with all of the tests it was put through by the International Maritime Organizations. Henceforth it turned into an impeccable one to be introduced in the colossal boats of today and kill the blazes that may emerge in the unmanned ranges of a ship. Since the boats of today are sufficiently colossal to convey an entire square of a city in them, it is difficult to spread staff everywhere throughout the ship and watch out for any unfortunate action going on.

Features of Novec 1230 Gas Suppression System
The Novec 1230 gas suppression system is utilized to kill out the flares in the ranges where there is not people show at all circumstances. It is a viable framework to drench fire with the gas that would give the staff enough time to achieve the spot and figure a procedure to conquer the flares that have risen because of any reason. The process functions with the associations of flame and smoke identifiers. There are various types of frameworks introduced in a ship, which is worried with the fabrication and plan of a ship. A few boats have the rack mounted or the slip mounted chambers introduced. The primary explanation behind the distinctive sorts of establishment is the work of the ship they are being introduced in.

As the gas is available inside the chambers that are associated with channels everywhere throughout the ship, as a rule these barrels are set in a different compartment. Henceforth the staff once in a while draws them nearer yet it is basic to watch out for them. The gas may lose its adequacy after some time. In the event that it has been utilized sooner or later, the level of the gas is most likely to diminish in the barrels. Indeed, even after some time when it has not been utilized, the gas may lose its adequacy. In such a case the level may likewise diminish. Bring down levels of gas implies that if there should arise an occurrence of a more noteworthy fire, the gas would run out and the undertaking would stay fixed and the harm would not be dispensed with totally.

To ensure that the gas is constantly present until it is required, the barrels ought to be measured for time to time. These single cleaned barrels don’t permit the human eye to observe inside and see the level of the gas. Henceforth we require some device to quantify the substance inside the single cleaned holders and for this reason the ultrasonic level indicator turns out to be the best instrument. Utilizing its one of a kind sense to identify level of the substance inside the holders without requiring contact with the fluid or gas it is measuring. The gadget would distinguish the level of the gas inside and the staff can choose if there is a need a refill or not.

Ultrasonic Leak Sensors by Coltraco has made Life easier for Cargo Cruises’ Owners

Over the years Coltraco is working in this industry, we have come up with various products and systems to assist the industries we are catering. Two of the reasons of Coltraco are maintaining the pace with the ones of sectors it provides ultrasonic monitoring equipment whereas offering various solutions under every range to make sure there is no affordability issues for anyone. As the time passes, new additions are made to different ranges we produce.  We are delighted to offer a new addition brought and manufactured to the family of Portascanner.

As we are an international supplier of ultrasonic monitoring instruments out of which ultrasonic gas leak detector is one. Others include ultrasonic liquid level indicator, hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing devices, multiple cable transit areas testing device, cargo-safe hatch cover tester, systems and others. Coltraco Ltd is considered to be one of the most recognized companies to give its appreciable services in ultrasonic gadgets. We possess expertise in all sorts of installations including offshore and onshore. In regards to the achievements of Coltraco, it has become easy for the customers with a broader scope of integrated gas hatch cover testing systems to meet the specific monitoring necessities for all the processing and leaks they are manufactured for.

Ultrasonic technology have always been demanded by the people of related industries, factories or owning shipping business, especially if they majorly qualify to transport cargo. With the integration of the related technology, it is really convenient to get hold of the related database. Moreover, with Coltraco you can get permanent data storage by transferring data to computers and keep a complete record, which makes it even convenient to work with relative devices. Furthermore, after sales services also include the option of permanent and continuous ultrasonic hatch cover testing system, which can make it easier for people to manage.

With the help of relevant data, it is easy to keep an eye on the monitoring device along with the supervision of fire suppressing system. These monitoring techniques are manufactured with ultrasonic sensors, which is capable enough to detect leaks, which are reflected back to the surface and detected with the help of intensity. The frequencies are detected in accordance, which is calculated afterwards by the device. Coltraco qualifies for efficient ultrasonic leak detector you must possess so that you may never get disappointed by the function of fire suppressing system. It is not about investing on system only but to maintain it properly.

How Coltraco facilitates small businesses with its ultrasonic level indicator?

Is small business requiring monitoring system? Are small business owners can enjoy Coltraco’s products? Well, the answer is a clear yes. One of the best features of Coltraco is in regards to the multiple options it provides to people, keeping their needs and probable budgets. It provides the competitive ultrasonic liquid level indicators’ price which can never be beaten at any cost. The package is enhanced with high quality product package, price and customer support and after sale assistance.

Coltraco Limited is regarded to produce multiple ranges of a single system in accordance to the requirement and affordability. There are various constant gaseous fire extinguishing monitoring system have been manufactured, keeping various scales of businesses’ needs. The Permalevel’s range is produced by respective company to assist business in order to keep check on the fire-extinguishing system. Out of this range, Permalevel Load Weight System is designed specifically for businesses that look for reasonable alternative for consistent fire suppressing monitoring system. They have a system, which has installation of ultrasonic level indicator that offers the respective authority with constant liquids levels measurements.

This system possesses the compatibility of measuring and monitoring the liquid contents with its perspective of levels of any number of cylinders but regarded to be appreciable for CO2 & CO2 Marine systems. This system is managed to closely monitor the weight of fire extinguishing agent enclosed inside the cylinders. This accuracy comes in regards to the close contact this system has with cylinders.

When there appears a liquid level downfall around 5% or less, this system triggers with an alarm to give a sign to the concerned authority to treat the reason of causing such massive loss. This counterweight signifies the falls as a visual signal of accidental discharge and leakage. The system provides an immediate notification if used in conjunction with an infrared sensor or limit switch. These can also be used to monitor system and connect external alarms such as buzzers. This constant system of monitoring with liquid level indicator is qualified to provide you with accurate results. This system is a simple formula with great efficiency and low price to continuously monitor your CO2 cylinder without any mistake. There are other ranges available as far as continuous gaseous monitoring system is required.

If you want to look for other options in case you need fire-extinguishing systems round the clock on different scale, check the Coltraco Fire Suppressing Monitoring Systems now.

Coltraco’s Role in Improving Safety System for Remote Monitoring

In the world of marine industry, aship is regarded to be a sophisticated, thinly crewed and isolated marine asset, transporting essential wet and dry cargoes at sea globally. Sailing alone and at sea throughout the year, and without the ability to call upon Fire Rescue Emergency Services as a land-based asset might. This means that its extinguishing systems are its essential defence against the risk of fire at sea.

Fire extinguishing system for Ship
In terms of ships’ extinguishing systems there exist two broad categories: sprinkler systems and gas systems (CO2). While the former can suffer leakage but the latter can cause catastrophic effect given the high physical pressures. An average ship’s CO2 system comprises between 200 and 600 cylinders each containing 45KG of CO2 under high 720 psi/ 49 bar pressure. One of the highest probabilities of discharge occurs during their maintenance. Some marine service companies estimate that 20% of a ship’s CO2 cylinders have discharged or partially leaked their contents at some point in their lifetime.
Although random checks may be suitable in some sectors, it is worth remembering that because the normal design concentration of CO2 of 34-72-v/v % is above the nearly immediate acute lethality level, these systems have an extremely narrow safety margin. As these systems work through oxygen dilution rather than the chemical disruption of the catalytic combustion chain (which is the case with other clean agents), insufficient CO2 levels during an emergency may allow a situation to spiral out of hand. Gaseous extinguishing systems protect urgently important infrastructure against special hazards, fundamental for the safeguarding of critical facilities. Yet, because gaseous extinguishing systems are highly pressurized, the risk of leaking and discharging is accepted as part of their use and this is shown in the regulations that demand their upkeep so it is always recommended to possess ultrasonic level indicator on board.
Moreover, with fewer, even lower-skilled crew and greater dependence on autonomous machinery, the dependence on fire systems being checked from shore, let alone on the ship in person, will only become greater. Manual weighing is not only laborious, but also dangerous to the crew conducting the servicing. Numerous accounts of incidents have been reported related to manual weighing, but two of the most significant are the injury to 22 US Marines when a Halon-containing fire extinguisher went off in 2015, California and the death of 20 people in an accident on a Russian nuclear submarine when a Halon extinguishing system was activated by mistake.
Without the means to manually check and with the threat to the crew, constant and remote monitoring becomes vital. It can be argued that the existence of regulation (such as that set by the IMO and other authorities) guides – and occasionally curbs – the direction taken by the free market. This then means that the current state of the market, where ‘price is king’ is either due to unwillingness on the part of the regulators to create an environment where safe engineering is rewarded or because the industry itself is unaware of new technology that will help them meet both the spirit and letter of the regulation.
Cost Cutting, Lack of Experience and Increasing Risks
Although the value of the marine assets that fire systems protect is increasing rapidly, the competitiveness of the free market places great pressure on cost cutting. Often, cheap systems only minimally comply with the regulations and, in fact, there are very few qualified engineers who may be considered experts on the subject matter. This creates an environment in which a ‘safety first’ culture remains both un-pursued and unrewarded.
Routine maintenance is liable to be overlooked because it is difficult and the crew unqualified to test or given insufficient attention by the owner of the system. The neglect of continuous monitoring of the fundamental protection provided by the gaseous extinguishing systems is to the peril of the lives of occupants of the ship and at the risk of crippling financial and reputational loss to the tanker owner. It is usually the case of systems like these that they are out of sight and out of mind, and they are often located in some plant room, which only the maintenance contractor visits, if at all.The most modern technology is integration of ultrasonic technology in monitoring devices.
Operating Method of Ultrasonic Technology
Sound is, in itself, vibrations that propagate as a mechanical wave or pressure and transmit through solid, liquid or gaseous mediums. Coltraco is one out of a number of companies using these fundamental physical principles to design and manufacture products and systems that can be used by fire engineers and their customer installations. It has a huge range of products, which are all integrated with ultrasonic technology such as ultrasonic liquid gas level indicator.Ultrasound is merely sound beyond our audible range. Dolphins and whales can communicate at sea over long ranges as sound travels more efficiently through liquids than air. We use this principle to identify that difference in a cylinder containing liquefied agent. Consider one’s ears as “the receiver” and one’s mouth as the “transmitter”. Sound will arrive at the ears at different times. The reason though that we hear a unitary sound is that our brain processes it to one. This is what we do by processing the returning ultrasound. In the air bats navigate by airborne ultrasound. We can do the same for contents and room integrity monitoring in the fire industry.
In terms of contents monitoring of single walled fire suppression cylinders in the fire industry, a sensor is utilized as a transceiver to transmit ultrasonic pulse through the walls of the cylinder and to analyze the strength of the returned signal that determines the level of contents. As sound behaves differently in air and liquid, so will the strength of the returned signal be different in the liquid and air allowing us to identify the level of contents accurately.
To make any inquiry, please contact Coltraco Customer Service.