Need of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Industrial Sector

You must have commonly heard for this device whereas if you are not familiar to its functioning, let me help you get over this confusion here. There are various devices and instruments used for measuring things on different level which are upgraded continuously in regards to the devices they qualify for. Moreover, here we are going to talk about one such measuring instrument used for non-destructive investigation in accordance to the thickness of various materials with the help of ultrasonic waves. Many companies are currently producing different forms of ultrasonic thickness gauge whereas various people approach Coltraco Ltd from diverse walks of life. The major factor of any company to progress in regards to measuring instruments is because of the following points mentioned below:How efficient it can work?

  • What scope the device possesses?
  • How advanced and operational it is?
  • How transparent it can keep the procedure?
  • How easily it can be operated?
  • Does it have properly calculating system?
  • How much labor force is required for functioning?
  • Does it qualify to various products?
  • What price it comes with?
  • How long it can last?
  • What condition it is suitable in?
  • Others depending on the product

If prominently and practically, a company qualifies in fulfilling these basic and other technical criteria in accordance to the product; it can easily conquer the market by the demand of customers. People will definitely go for something expensive but worth it rather than inexpensive and cannot manage working up to the mark. You will find ultrasonic thickness gauge majorly utilized for measuring thickness of numerous objects and materials in diverse industries especially when it comes to measure cylinders for CO2 & Marine CO2 system. It is important to check for the corrosion of the cylinders if done because there is always a chance for fire extinguishing system no matter where it is installed, can leak due to expected and unexpected reasons. Today, you can find multiple measuring thickness gauges such as ultrasonic coating thickness gauge, paint thickness gauge, digital thickness gauge and other in order to measure glass, ceramics, plastics, metal and other materials. Generally, they function as of by determining the sample thickness by measuring the time span a sound to traverse back from the transducer via material to the back end of the part and back. Hence, this device then calculates the data presumed by the speed of the sound being received via tested sample. This was the most comprehensive and accumulated information in regards to ultrasonic thickness gauge which is important for you to have.


What makes 7th generation of Portalevel® Standard so demanded?

There are various forms of liquid level indicators available in the market to help you monitor the fire extinguishing system but what makes one to lead the others? This is something you need to look for when finalizing any sort of monitoring instrument but you never want to make a wrong investment along with lose the setup due to carelessness. Coltraco Ltd is regarded to come up with an exciting and upgraded fire extinguishing monitoring system such as ultrasonic liquid level indicator, which qualifies to fulfill the need of the industry it qualifies in. Currently, 7th generation of Portalevel® Standard has been introduced to the market which qualifies to be more advanced and efficient in regards to the function it is manufactured for. The ultrasonic technology integrated within this measuring instrument is amazing in order to identify the interface between air and liquid enclosed in a single skinned container. Most importantly, the entire packing contains DVDs, which possess training videos for the users to learn to operate the monitoring tool. You also find videos displayed online to help you learn the functioning of these instruments. It does not require a huge number of labor forces to manage it. It only requires few people to operate the instrument.

Moreover, this liquid level indicator does not require any traditional method or manual operating system but has changed the perspective. Replacing the conventional methods of weighing and dismantling in order to verify liquid levels, which was risky if disconnected or closed down to this advanced system has come up with some really amazing and accurate monitoring system. Portalevel® Standard with its 7th generation can help you save more time, provide convenience and shorten up the expenses. Coltraco Ultrasonic Ltd has upgraded this monitoring tool to bring up 7th generation, which provides you with more efficient functioning and convenient handling. It is even enhanced in regards to the accuracy of calculation along with lights and digital display is even improved. Furthermore, easy clean fascia panel and easy-use membrane.

What the important factors to take care of, for secure cargo hatch cover?

In case, if you belong to the cargo business where you either transport your cargo to other places or possess a business of delivering cargo on contract basis or anything similar, your major world surrounds in protecting the cargo you are carrying at any cost. As far as hatch covers are concerned, they are regarded to be the first priority as they protect what is quite dear to the cargo industries. Now, the next feature is about the fact of getting a quality hatch covers and hatch covers testing device, which is going to perform all the tasks. Throughout the journey, it is major fact to make sure that nothing external like water should get into the cargo as it can cause serious balancing issues for the ships on a major level. Most importantly, the accuracy of hatch cover tester is really significant as they guarantee the assurance of appreciable performance of hatch covers. Though, when beginning the journey, yachts make sure that the entire cargo is watertight but expectations can become the opposite so for that case, the entire crew should follow the following steps:

  • Manually check the cargo in case there is some absorbent of any external substance
  • Possess hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing device on the board
  • Immediately replace damaged and missing gaskets
  • Make sure that there is no fault in connection of steel to steel before you use rubber packing for the hatch covers
  • Locking pins should be attached to any open hatches and doors
  • Make sure you do not for to keep wedges and cleats in serviceable condition but adjust them correctly
  • Rubber packing should never be painted or applied with any petroleum based grease
  • Once you have started your journey, never open the hatch covers unless there isn’t any significant need
  • Hydraulic systems should only be maintained with hydraulic systems
  • Make sure you grease cleats, wheels, haul wires, hinge pins and chain tension equipments
  • Foaming top should never be developed by the grooves, particularly where panels rests and hatch side when the hatch is closed
  • Keep and check manually of hydraulic systems to be oil-tight
  • Check for the specific amount of oil to be there in tanks of hydraulic systems

You can find some outclass hatch cover testing devices at Coltraco Ltd, which are reasonably priced and highly efficient. For further information, contact Coltraco Customer Service

Important considerations for installation of fire suppressing system

Whenever you are installing any sort of fire extinguishing system, you need to be aware of your need along with qualification of that fire suppressing system. For example, if you prefer to install FM 200 fire suppression system for your convenience and assurance for better ways to fight fire in case of emergency. As these comes with benefits, there are various issues and risks you open yourself to which needs to be managed before you finalize anything installation. Possessing an entire system of fire extinguishing system is not enough but to make sure that it really works when the time comes. Primarily, it is recommended to possess liquid gas level indicator if you are installing fire-extinguishingsystem, as it is important that you keep a check of its condition. These measuring instruments assist you in various forms such as measuring the levels of liquefied gases enclosed in cylinders. This helps you to make sure that the liquefied gases are ready to extinct the flames if happen in case of emergency.

As this fire suppressing gas is guaranteed safe in regards to the tests conducted. Moreover, these are considered safe because if removes the fire causing element rather than decreasing the amount of oxygen which means it is save to use as it would not cause any suffocation. It allows people to exit without losing their nerves and falling unconscious.
After being released, you should be well aware of the facility any fire extinguishing gas can provide. As FM 200 fire suppression system is aodorless, non toxic and odorless gas, it causes no harm which means the furniture, other equipment and electronics including humans will be save.
Installation Options
There are various options to install fire extinguishers no matter how large or small your area is. In case if you seek to cover more area, it is preferable to consult some expert to avoid any damage in future though you have invested an appreciable amount.
Liquefied gaseous element should be kept in single skinned containers, tanks or wells. Prefer to have ultrasonic level indicator, which comes to be really accurate in giving accurate measurements. These instruments are efficient to monitor the amount of gas enclosed in them in liquefied condition.
There are moments when it is impossible or really difficult to recharge the fire-extinguishing agent. It is essential and important if you access all the installed suppliers in your area to prevent the fire to gain power.
This fire extinguishing system comes to be expensive just by a minor difference but generally, this temporary investment is actually greater when it comes to the function is it designed and manufactured for.
Whatever the case is or howsoever your system is efficient for its activity, it is suggestion on a serious level to take care of the installation in order to avoid any unexpected situation in future. Make sure you keep on removing the minor leakages and faults which may come up as fatal circumstances.

What are the major benefits to avail with Ultrasonic Level Indicator?

Over the centuries, world has developed drastically whereas the demands have risen at the same ratio. In order to cater these needs and requirements, it is important to look for more variety and advancement in technology, which can help you to be one the safe side more. For better functioning and improved safety measured can easily be assured by the advanced technology introduced by various manufacturers. Liquid Level Indicator is considered to be one of the superb measuring and monitoring instrument of fire extinguishers in numerous and diversified industries since so long. Being risky to health, it was considered difficult to be operated in the gone days but today, due to the simplicity, awareness between people and revolution, people name it to be more easy and reliable.

As man has grown up to be sharper and smarter, it has made sure to take things with simple and easy to use with advanced technology and consume really little time span. Considering the industry manufacturing measuring instruments for fire extinguishers, liquid level indicator is known to be that one thing which is absolutely impossible to be kicked out of industries including houses need them to assure safety of their family. Numerous inventions and improvements have been seen in the related technologies to make sure the device is easy and simply to use along with giving maximum output. Ultrasonic technology is the most common advancement made to this industry, which is being in process by Coltraco since 1987.

Qualified in the related industry, Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is massively demanded by business and industrial sectors. You will find numerous companies in United Kingdom and United States of America, which are reasonably producing the fire extinguishing monitoring products for industrial sector. The reasons for this device to be so successfully are broadly illustrated below:

Ultrasonic Level Indicator is efficient to give the accurate reading for various liquid levels in vessel, cylinders and pipeline whether long or wide. Moreover, these points cannot be measured or judged with a naked eye. Sensitive to detect ultrasonic sound waves, it gives off the guarantee to give more accurate results.

Health Friendly
As it requires no contact with specific object you are interested in determining, it makes it environmental healthy for humans around. There are moments when you have to look and monitor poisonous gases and health hazardous acids, which can be really dangerous if done manually but with Liquid Level Indicator, it becomes easy and safe.

Simple Usability
Ultrasonic liquid level indicatoris simple and easy to install and use respectively. Fortunately, due to the integrated magnets help you mount the device to the system you want to monitor in regards to be control and observe. Majorly, these devices commonly come with easy functioning and display, which gives off better-calculated results. Moreover, DVDs and Online Training Videos are also provided for better training and quick usage.

Though being so helpful and safe, Coltraco offers ultrasonic liquid level Indicator in reasonable prices without any compromise on quality.

Technical Specifications of Portalevel Max Industrial

Coltraco is a world-popular name in manufacturing ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment with high quality and reasonable prices. With growing time, it has been seen that this company has made some enormous changes – call them utilities for various industrial to convert manual jobs into mechanical. Hence, less risk and more productivity as long as maintenance is kept.

Portalevel Max Industrial is another product launched by Coltraco which non-invasively verifies the contents of cylinders and tanks holding liquids, suitable for a range of industrial purposes e.g. food processing, aerospace manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transformers. It is the 8th generation and qualifies to be a portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator.

Technical Specifications of Ultrasonic Level Indicator

  • Height:160 mm (6.29 inches)
  • Width:82 mm (3.22 inches)
  • Depth:30 mm (1.18 inches)
  • Weight:300 grams (10.58 ounces)

Verifiable Agents

  • Mayonnaise
  • Ammonia
  • Transformer oil


  • 2 x sensors – one dry sensor with standard
  • One dry sensor for standard applications
  • One special applications sensor with higher efficiency for more power output

Within 2% of true value (dependent on application)
LCD backlit display
Power Supply
1 x PP3 9V battery (battery life 10 hours)

  • Main Unit: 3 Years Warranty
  • Sensor: 1 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Operating Temperature
-20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F)
Package Contents of Portalevel Max Industrial

  • Main unit
  • 2 x Multi Application Sensor
  • Ultrasonic gel
  • Carrying case
  • Sensor set cables
  • Calibration certificate
  • Instruction manual
  • Portatherm


Coltraco Ultrasonic Leak Detector and its Updates

Coltraco Ultrasonic Limited is delighted to offer a new addition brought and manufactured to the family of Portmarine. It is a worldwide supplier of ultrasonic monitoring instruments out of which ultrasonic gas leak detector is one. Others include ultrasonic liquid level indicator, hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing devices, multiple cable transit areas testing device, cargo-safe hatch cover tester and liquid gas leak detector. Coltraco Ltd is considered to be one of the most recognized companies to give its appreciable services in ultrasonic gadgets. It possesses expertise in all sorts of installations including offshore and onshore. In regards to the acquisition of Coltraco, it has become easy for the customers with a broader scope of integrated gas detection technologies to meet the specific monitoring necessities for all the processing they are manufactured for.

It has been a long time that ultrasonic technology is demanded by the people belonging to the related industries, factories or owning shipping business especially if they majorly qualify to transport cargo. With the integration of the related technology, it is really convenient to get hold of the related databases. Moreover, with Coltraco you can get permanent data storage by transferring data to computers and keep a complete record. With the help of relevant data, it is easy to keep an eye on the monitoring device along with the supervision of fire suppressing system. These monitoring techniques are manufactured with ultrasonic sensors, which is capable enough to detect leaks, which are reflected back to the surface and detected with the help of intensity. The frequencies are detected in accordance, which is calculated afterwards by the device. Coltraco qualifies for efficient ultrasonic leak detector you must possess so that you may never get disappointed by the function of fire suppressing system. It is not about investing on system only but to maintain it properly.