Improvements Made in Ultrasonic Leak Detectors Made by Coltraco

Over the years Coltraco is working in this industry, we have come up with various products and systems to assist the industries we are catering. Two of the reasons of Coltraco are maintaining the pace with the ones of sectors it provides ultrasonic monitoring equipment whereas offering various solutions under every range to make sure there is no affordability issues for anyone. As the time passes, new additions are made to different ranges we produce.  We are delighted to offer a new addition brought and manufactured to the family of Portascanner.

As we are an international supplier of ultrasonic monitoring instruments out of which ultrasonic gas leak detector is one. Others includes ultrasonic liquid level indicator, hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing devices, multiple cable transit areas testing device, cargo-safe hatch cover tester, systems and others. Coltraco Ltd is considered to be one of the most recognized companies to give its appreciable services in ultrasonic gadgets. We possess expertise in all sorts of installations including offshore and onshore. In regards to the achievements of Coltraco, it has become easy for the customers with a broader scope of integrated gas hatch cover testing systems to meet the specific monitoring necessities for all the processing and leaks they are manufactured for.

The people belonging to the related industries, factories or owning shipping business especially if they majorly qualify to transport cargo, have always demanded ultrasonic technology. With the integration of the related technology, it is really convenient to get hold of the related databases. Moreover, with Coltraco you can get permanent data storage by transferring data to computers and keep a complete record, which makes it even convenient to work with relative devices. Furthermore, after sales services also include the option of permanent and continuous ultrasonic hatch cover testing system that can make it easier for people to manage.

With the help of relevant data, it is easy to keep an eye on the monitoring device along with the supervision of fire suppressing system. These monitoring techniques are manufactured with ultrasonic sensors, which is capable enough to detect leaks which are reflected back to the surface and detected with the help of intensity. The frequencies are detected in accordance, which is calculated afterwards by the device. Coltraco qualifies for efficient ultrasonic leak detector you must possess so that you may never get disappointed by the function of fire suppressing system. It is not about investing on system only but to maintain it properly.



Efficiency Level of Permalevel®Fire Extinguishing Application

Factually, there are different applications available in the market to deal as fire extinguisher. Among so many options available now, Permalevel® is another but certified and efficient fire extinguishing application introduced by Coltraco. It is considered to be best for fixed installation in numerous power stations such as nuclear, electricity and gas and oil production and exploration. Moreover, it is even considerable for data storage, defense, telecommunications centers and defense sectors. Permalevel® is an advanced ultrasonic liquid level indicator which qualifies to monitor these installed fixed fire extinguishers which is a major problem to be handled. It is considered to be the easiest and simplest way to assure the appropriate level of liquid within the verified containers and produced to handle difficult sectors efficiently without manual input.

Coltraco has manufactured this liquid monitoring device to make sure it is capable enough to test other liquids as well such as industrial chemicals and liquids, which are carried in vessels and tanks and conducts ultrasound. Any liquid carried in any single skinned container of wall with thickness of 2 to 20mm and a conductor of ultrasound. This majorly applies to the CO2 Systems used as fire extinguishers. This liquid gas level indicator is really simple to use once it is installed in the required place. At the same time, the sensor is attached to the main unit along with the cylinder as well. Manual inspection can be done in case the alarm or alerts are given to the main unit through fixed Permalevel® if the liquid level falls below the considered or fixed point.

Package Contents ofPortascanner™ Watertight Offered by Coltraco

Due to the advancement in the technology, new methods are introduced to deal with the worldly problems so that the ratio of the caused damaged should be minimized. New devices and instruments have been oriented to market to match the needs of people along with the minimal amount of risk of destruction. Over the passage of time, numerous devices have disappointed people but there were some which actually caused optimistic results to the population facing problems. Most importantly, inspection of areas of reduced compression and leak sites in seal for airtight, watertight and weather tight seals is a major issue for industrial setup. There have been various measuring instruments introduced to market but rarely did they give off results. Out of the positive results given, its users have appreciated ColtracoPortascanner™ II very well. This multiple cable transit areas testing device is efficient and possess following accessories when you receive a pinned pack Portascanner™ II:

Receiver Rod
The first component you will find in the box is receiver rod. You being a user have to direct this rod at the areas, which you are willing to survey. Any ultrasound received due to the leakage or similar issue will be recorded and sent to the main unit as per manufacturing.

Second component of this pinned packing of Portascanner™ II is known as receiver which is installed with processing and displaying ultrasound emitted due to the leaking areas. The results are displayed to the user in two forms; one is known as visually appearance on the internal screen and the other is audible appearance through external headphones.

With three transducers, this accessory is manufactured to be ultrasonic generator. The integrated transducers produces strong signal in one direction which ultimately fills the room with ultrasound pulses.

Head Phones
Identified ultrasound by the main unit is audible to the user through headphones. This is the external formation to alert the user about the ultrasound produced in regards to the leakage noticed.
To know more details for these cable transit areas watertight testing device, please visit website where you can also view the diagrammatical description.

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Requirement of CheckingCylinders’Content With Gaseous Systems Leak

Gaseous extinguishing systems protect urgently important infrastructure against special hazards, fundamental for the safeguarding of critical facilities. Although many in the fire industry work towards meeting better standards, in their experience, Coltraco have numerous concerning anecdotes of non-compliance: systems portrayed and installed by contractors as NOVEC™ 1230 but filled with sand or water. Room integrity testing with questionable results and with the room integrity remaining un-monitored after testing, liquefied extinguishants being confused by installers with Inert gas systems and service engineers asking how to test the liquid level in powder, obviously the list goes on.Coupled with these anecdotes, currently the regulations are not extensive enough to deal with the risks presented in gaseous systems.

Maintenance of the Cylinder’s Content

We have explained here the regulations that the storage container contents with liquid level indicator shall be checked at least every six months as follows:

a.    Liquefied gases: for halocarbon agents, if a container shows a loss of agent in quantity of more than 5 % or a loss of pressure (adjusted for temperature) of more than 10 %, it shall be refilled or replaced.

b.    Non-liquefied gases: for inert gas agents, pressure is an indication of agent quantity. If a container shows a loss of agent quantity or a loss of pressure (adjusted for temperature) of more than 5 %, it shall be refilled or replaced.Essentially, it is known in regulations that the gaseous systems leak and need to be maintained. Given that the gaseous systems are designed specifically to the individual need of that room or building etc., a 5% loss of agent may mean that they would not fully extinguish the fire.

c.    1.5mm – the accuracy which Portalevel®,ultrasonic liquid level indicator and constant monitoring Permalevel® Multiplex can find the liquid level of agent in cylinders to.

d.    62.5% – Calibration band setting on the Portalevel® Max, found to operate on the broadest range of application to the tightest tolerance of any ultrasonic liquid level indicator in the world.

e.    26 seconds, The average test time to identify the liquid level in any liquid gaseous cylinder using the Portalevel® Max.
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Liquid Level Indicator Manufactured by Coltraco to Give Best Results

We are living beings who are ruled by minds whereas we believe in practical life rather than imaginative world. If universe is studied closely, you would know that things have deep connections in between them. The study of producers and markets is all about dealing the needs of people as business world is all about catering the requirements of people which are only possible by relating them closely. Recently, the war among the manufacturers and suppliers is all about coping up with time and people. An item can hit the most astounding offers of it is superior to anything its forerunner in addition to it should have a critical ascent in the quality as well. Acquiring quality the items has turned into an issue of extreme level headed discussion among makers and they are competing to make the nature of their items superior to all others.

Quality must be acquired an item in the event that it contains materials of unrivaled quality and that too in precisely the ideal amount. Keeping up the level of materials in each group of generation is not a simple undertaking by any stretch of the imagination. Since on account of large scale manufacturing the materials are included a bigger amount, measuring them in mass is just conceivable with an ultrasonic level indicator. This ultrasonic marker is sufficiently capable to gauge the level of fluids and strong materials in the hardest compartment introduce today.

The holders in processing plants are of a wide range of shapes and made of an assortment of materials. Numerous compartments, for example, a solitary cleaned holder keep a variety of gages to be joined with them. This makes an intense circumstance for the generation staff since it can be hard to know the amount of a material has been included. Any variety in the amount can prompt a grievous mix which would bring about lost materials and work costs. That is the reason going out on a limb are disheartened and generation process ought to be solid and sensible.

No item can be made with including some sort of fluid. In the sustenance business vinegar, oil and water are the fundamental things which should be included exact sums. They are measured with the assistance of a fluid level marker to know precisely what amount has been included the blend. Including excessively of a fluid can make the blend excessively messy. This kind of blend could never deliver the taste that is wanted from it henceforth the whole materials will be squandered. The liquid level indicator has turned into a fundamental piece of each assembling unit.

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Scope of Portalevel™ Datalogger by Coltraco Limited

Nevertheless, it is not easy to go with the needs of the related market so precisely and accurately but Coltraco has smartly done it. If the technology used in industrial setup has progressed, the Coltraco research department has also made sure to progress in such manner to meet the needs in more comprehensive manner. Never giving up, it has come up with a versatile range with minimal charges to make sure that every sort of business and industrial setup can have some. Among various product ranges, ultrasonic liquid level indicators have always been the top rated and demanded.

Coltraco Limited UK has manufactured this measuring device for recording, measuring and liquid level readings. Throughout the timespan, this one of biggest manufacturing company has come up some really incredible measuring and monitoring instruments over the time of more than 2 decades and a half. Portalevel™ Datalogger is an amazing portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator.

  • Remove the dirt and debris form a vertical strip of the cylinder using a damp cloth
  • Apply a strip of couplant gel down the chosen vertical strip
  • Place the sensor at any chosen position on this vertical strip where it is certain that it is above the liquid level
  • Calibrate the sensor to the cylinder
  • Move the sensor 5cm down the strip each time, stopping to record and save measurements, until the measurements reduce drastically
  • Move the sensor back up in smaller steps until the readings increase again
  • The position at which this occurs is the liquid level

This process outlines how to find the liquid level. Please refer to the Operating Instructions to find out more about how to record and download the readings.
Advantages of Portalevel™ Datalogger

  • Datalogging

It is capable of recording, storing & downloading up to 1,000 cylinders worth of readings

  • Unique

This is the first unit of its type worldwide and leveraging the highly trusted, international brand Portalevel®

  • Proven Technology

Portalevel™ Datalogger is based on the established 7th Generation Portalevel® unit which has 15,000 units operating in 105 countries

  • Competitive Advantage

Unique capability for service companies, helping them to deliver complete data records to customers

  • Accurate

It locates liquid level to within +/- 1.5mm

  • Versatile

This ultrasonic level indicator can test a wide range of fire suppressant agents & operates as a conventional Portalevel® unit if required

  • Portable

It is lightweight small unit which comes with a durable and rugged case

  • Easy to Use

It needs no formal training necessary, accessible to a wide range of audiences and is easy for existing Portalevel® operators to adapt to.
If you want to know more about this device,download PDF

Easy Guide to Get Best Results from Coltraco’s Watertight Integrity Testing Device

All around the world, there are thousands of company working in the specific industry producing ultrasonic products. One of the popular names is Coltraco Limited, UK which is regarded to be one of the most appropriate and successful chain of various products appreciable in various department. Since 1987, it is facilitating people with highly advanced devices. Generally, a hatch cover testing device is prepared out of two units which are known to be generator and receiver. Ultrasound with emission of particular frequency of 40,000 Hz, the generator manages to prove. With the integration of magnets, it can be attached to various surfaces easily within sealed areas.

Receiver is capable of receiving the signals and conversion is made which results into the indication of W/T integrity. This advance and efficient system helps the entire areas under monitoring in functioning and enhance performance may be. Moreover, with the fire extinguisher monitoring range produced by Coltraco Ultrasonic Ltd, the results can be transferred to the computer where a permanent data can be stored. It further helps to compare the results and efficiency of these devices along with the installed system you have invested on for emergency situations. Portascanner™ watertight integrity tester is multiple cable transit areas testing devicewhich is efficient to direct and convert the results to audio and display. This helps to alert the responsible person to give attention more promptly then other ways.

Receiver of Portascanner™ Watertight TntegrityTester
It consists of extension rod connector, Gain 1,2,3, Volume Up and Down Buttons, LCD Visual Display, Mode, On and Off Buttons and Headphone Connection. Following is the way of operation of receiver:

  • It is tuned for detecting the particular frequency of ultrasound ways.
  • It possesses audio and visual outputs.
  • As sensor rod is attached to it, a user can scan the seal at close range entirely.
  • LCD screen shows the visual output of detected ultrasounds.
  • The visual data received can be converted to decibels (dB) reading which is perfect to be tested to certification society standards.
  • Bar graph representation is also available.
  • With standard jack of 3.5 mm, a headphone is attached to the receiver to receive audio signals.
  • Heterodyning is the process through which receiver converts the ultrasound waves into audio signals so that user can easily hear.

Generator of Portascanner™ Watertight TntegrityTester
It consists of Power On and Off Buttons, Transducers, Low Battery Indication and Battery Compartment. The operation of generator of this cable transit watertight areas testingare mentioned below:

  • It is placed on one side of the sealed compartment and turned on.
  • Sensor rod is utilized to scan the seal by user standing on the other side of the compartment.
  • Increased signal strength will be shown apparently for leak sites.
  • The numerical display and volume of audible signals can easily show the strength of the signals received by the receiver.