Optional Portalevel™ Accessories Assistance Provided by Coltraco

As a matter of fact, utilizing anything on daily basis can make you run out of few stuff being utilized for that purpose. The core point of judging the quality of any company, manufacturer or supplier of any product is in regards to the understanding the need of optional and extra accessories of the commodity they are dealing in. When it comes to manufacturing and supplying ultrasonic instruments, one of the rare names, which qualify for this quality is Coltraco Limited, UK. We have specialized in manufacturing this equipment with advanced technology on prior basis but with the progressive needs of time and industries we have touching, all the models are upgraded upon need to meet the margins.

Coltraco has produced various and highly technical measuring instruments adaptable to different environments. It has been a long time that this company is facilitating people with reasonable price and high quality monitoring tools. The variation in the products in regards to measuring liquids to various extents, number of cylinders an ultrasonic level sensor can manage. We have mentioned some popular products and there are many other accessories available as well you can get if lost by any chance. Give them a look:

Coltraco Portalevel™ Ultrasonic Gel
All Portalevel™ packages come with ultrasonic gel included. They are reasons for you requiring more so for extra Ultrasonic Gel, you will have to state this in your enquiry. If you run out, at critical situation where it is not possible to get these gels, you can use water instead as Coltraco Limited, UK keeps it simple.

Portatherm – Thermometers
You can now be able to supply small portable infrared non-contact thermometers which are accurate, simple and reliable for testing in climates when the liquid gaseous’ critical temperature might be reached.

Portalevel™ Extension Rod
This is one of the best accessories for accessing all the cylinders placed at the distance or covered by other cylinders. This helps the operator to reach those areas where it is impossible for the operator to reach personally. The rear rows can easily be measured with the help of these Portalevel™ extension rods whereas they are generally available in the package but somehow you lost the one in package, you may get another. There are two sizes available for which you can choose upon your need. These rods increase the efficiency of liquid level indicator so you better have one.

Portasteele Calculator
This accessory is amazing valuable to weigh the agent filled fire extinguishing cylinder whereas with the help of liquid levels on an approximation with Portalevel™ units, this accessory can be helpful to notify you with the current level of liquid inside a cylinder. This device can be demanded additional with the Portalevel™ range whereas it proves to be accurate and fast.

Portalevel™ Opt-In Accessories
If you need more protection for your Portalevel™ measuring instrument and accessories, this optional pelicase is best for impact structural copolymer polypropylene, ABS latches and O-ring sealing technology.
If you want any of the accessories above or any other, please Enquire Now


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