Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicating System for Maintaining FM 200 Fire Extinguishing System

Some events of the past hold horrible stories that are clearly an indication for us to pay more attention towards fire safety even in the homes. In many commercial buildings some of the fires that had erupted caused more damage than a war could have done to it. As the fire started gathering heat, it spread to the nearby things that it could feed upon and due to the exquisite interior and woodwork, it soon got out of control and most of the people got trapped inside. These unfortunate beings became a part of the tragedy and the bystanders weren’t able to do anything to save them.

There was a time when the FM 200 fire suppression system wasn’t easily available and neither were people aware of it. They put in the most basic type of firefighting equipment such as the fire extinguisher or sand in pails hanging at different areas to be put over the flames. But when the flames are huge and reach the sky higher than your height, the heat is unbearable and these basic tools fail eventually. Hence there is a greater need for more sophisticated tools and equipment to fight even the smallest fire so that it doesn’t become the greater one.

The FM 200 gas is a powerful thing to deplete fire from its strengths. This gas feeds upon its heat and cuts its access of oxygen causing it to submerge in it and die pretty quickly. It has found to be one of the most effective against class A, B and C fire types. Whilst there are many benefits of it, there are some problems associated with it too.

  • FM 200 is an expensive gas and not many organizations can afford to have it especially the small businesses.
  • Despite being expensive, it isn’t easily available and needs to be pre-ordered in case of a recharge.
  • It is a liquefied gas which can only be stored in single skinned containers.
  • It is an odorless gas, hence in case of a leak no one would be able to detect the leak by it smell and the cylinder may be emptied entirely.
  • The single skinned container in which it is kept can be measured by the ultrasonic liquid level indicator which is the only device on this planet that can check liquids and liquefied gases inside a single skinned container without needing to open it.

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