Operating a Boiler Needs a Huge of Variety of Sensors

The maintenance department of any factory is said to be the busiest department of all the others present. The maintenance department is called in when anything breaks down, needs quick repairs, in case of new installation and when the machines go berserk. They have to tackle the most serious issues in a factory and they have to complete the task within the shortest deadline possible. If all fails, then a new machine needs to be procured and the maintenance department gets the full blame of being irresponsible for letting the machine go to waste. But high quality ultrasonic level indicator can always be a greater option.

Apart from machines this department has a lot to look after. The entire installations from electric wires, sanitary pipes, huge storage tanks to the smallest nut and bolt attached to a chair has to be supervised and kept under control by this busiest department. One of the most dangerous and important machine that is purely under the control of the maintenance department is the boiler. The boiler is a tank which is filled with water upto a specific level and monitored with different pressure sensors. The main purpose of a boiler is to create steam that will be passed through the pipes attached to it.

When the water is filled to the specified level, gas is turned on and with the ignition of a spark, it starts boiling the water until steam emerges from it. The steam is not allowed to pass through the pipes unless it reaches the highest possible pressure point. The pressures are constantly monitored on the dials and other gauges attached to the boiler. As soon as the pressure of the steam raches the point of effectiveness, it is released and allowed to pass through the pipes.

In big factories there are many boilers functioning at the same time. This means that the maintenance department has to deploy a special boiler operator with each installed. No risk is taken with the boiler because if it sprouts a leak, or the pressure is created more than the acceptable, it can blow up just like a bomb and bring down everything around it. A series of liquid level indicator and other pressure sensors are found at the boiler control area. Each one monitors a different function which allows the operator to know when to turn on the heat or when to pour in more water. This is a serious task that has to be done with the greatest care and concentration.


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