Checking the Maintenance of FM 200 Cylinders Before Journey

The transport ships of today are capable of carrying millions of goods weighing in tons in a single round of their voyage. These goods are worth billions of dollars, probably more than the actual worth of the ship carrying them. In an event of unfortunate incident, the entire lot of goods could be lost and the shipping company owning the ship would be facing multiple losses. It would not only be losing a ship worth billions, but the goods also worth billions would have to paid to the owners in a policy that allows them to file for damages to the shipping company.

Since the ship is a very fine example of a vehicle having one of the largest web of electric wires and enough electricity in them to run a huge shopping mall, any sort circuit could result in one of the deadliest fire due to an electric short circuit. There are many areas of a ship that are unmanned. Owing to the gigantic size, there is no way an army of men can be deployed at every corner. Hence in order to protect the ship and the goods in a time of an unfortunate event, special precautions are taken into account such as installing the FM 200 fire suppression system.

This system allows the ship owners to breathe a sigh of relief even in the event that an uncontrolled fire breakout is reported. The spray of gas over the fire puts it out instantly and helps save everything that could have been put at stake. To live without fear, it is important that every time a ship sets sail, it should have all the cylinders filled to their maximum with the FM 200. The cylinders should be checked regularly to determine the level of gas in them. A leak should be found instantly and fixed and cylinders having a low level of gas should be refilled.

The handy, precise and accurate in every reading, the ultrasonic level indicator can be used to check the cylinders for their levels without a doubt. Its ability to monitor and report the level of gas and liquids in single skinned containers makes it above all the liquid level indicators out there. This gadget doesn’t need to touch or contact physically the liquids it is supposed to measure. Since it is portable and easy to use (to the one who understands its operational procedures); it can be taken along on the voyage. This will help keep the crew alert and knowledgeable about the level of FM 200 in their cylinders throughout the journey.


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